7 Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

When you hear the word gadget your mind probably conjures to the fore images of something trifling or unimportant in your daily life.

Though often this would be the correct description, occasionally we run across gadgets that make life simpler, more efficient, and better all around. But that doesn’t mean we will ever hear about them. In fact, when you consider the sheer volume of new things hitting the market every year, it is more than likely that you have missed out on a lot of them.

And that’s unfair because some of these things are truly revolutionary and make your life a whole lot better in the process. From productivity to assistance with aging, a lot of these gadgets seem to take ordinary, everyday pain points and make them disappear through the magic of engineering and science.

You might be thinking that you don’t need a gadget, that perhaps you have the best gadget of all in the form of your smartphone, or that all gadgets are bizarre or cheaply made. While your iPhone is a quite superior gadget, it isn’t what we were thinking of for this list.

In this article we’re going to outline 7 gadgets that you may never have heard of before in your life but that we think you should know about just in case you’re interested.

Like we said, there’s a ton of stuff out on the market and you’ve likely missed quite a few of them. That’s why, without further ado, we give you the top 7 gadgets you didn’t know existed:

 7. Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener

Can Opener

Use one hand to open a can – it’s that simple. With the elegantly designed and multiuse Zyliss, you can open cans of food with ease and all at the touch of a button. Employing a beautifully simple look, the Zyliss is dominated by a central functionality button that takes over once activated and does the rest for you. With populations of aging people all over the world, the Zyliss really does meet a potential usage point that we can see appealing to many consumers.

 6. Opaceluuk Personal Mini Humidifier

If you want a tiny humidifier for your own personal space then look no further than the Opaceluuk. Using a bottle of water screwed into the top, the Opaceluuk is one of the best humidifiers on the market of any size. Keep your skin moisturized and your nasal passages breathable with this handy, convenient solution to dry air. And not only is it extremely useful but also it is elegantly designed and perfectly capable of accommodating a range of usage scenarios from inside to outside, portable to home.

 5. SWASH Express Clothing Care System

Gone are the days of dry cleaning with the SWASH Express Clothing Care System. Easily one of the most surprising gadgets on this list, the SWASH is a serious bit of kit and promises big things. After all, eliminated the local dry cleaner is no small promise, but even the smaller claim of giving you his services on the fly would have many consumers concerned. They shouldn’t be, as the SWASH is probably the best single laundry gadget out on the market right now. It does what it claims it will do and it does time and time again. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

 4. Ringly Smart Meditation Bracelet

Discretion is the better part of being a good yoga or mindfulness class. The last thing you want to do is terrorize your classmates with noisey rings from a smartphone. So if you’re someone that receives a ton of notifications at all hours of the day, you might want to consider something a little quieter.

That’s where the Ringly Smart Meditation Bracelet comes into play. Capturing everything you need in an elegant form factor, the Ringly looks like jewelry but in actuality is tied to your smartphone and delivers you a notification of a call or whatever you want it to do for you. The best feature of all is that the Ringly turns something ungainly like a smartphone into an elegant part of your life. No more indiscreetly checking your smartphone while in polite company, let the ringly take care of letting you know when you’ve got something important coming through.

 3. Addao Rechargeable Double-Sided Hand Warmer

Looking like a macaroon, these rechargeable hand warmers win as much credit for their usefulness as they do for their design. If you live in a colder climate then you are aware of how absolutely frigid it can get in the winter months and, subsequently, how important it is that you keep warm and have good gloves. Think of the Addao as your new, necessary everyday companion if you’re in that situation.

 2. WeMo Insight Switch

Turn your home into a smart home on a budget with the WeMo. Controlled by smartphone app and giving you the kinds of functionality you would want out of your home without making you break the budget to turn it into a smarthome, the WeMo Insight Switch is probably the most cost effective way to give you the functionality you desire. Control everything from lighting to televisions and computers with the WeMo Insight Switch.

 1. Jackery Mini Premium Portable Charger

A phone charger the size of a stick of gum, the Jackery brings it when you talk about design but it also doesn’t skimp on functions. Employing some of the fastest recharging tech out there, the Jackery gets the job done and looks great while doing so. It’s hard to pinpoint who this isn’t for as we all find ourselves in need of a quick charge every once in a while and , in terms of quality and portability, the Jackery is the best on the market.

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