Top 6 Best Gadgets

The world of electronics is ever expanding, and a big driver of that growth is the explosion in gadgets or electronic devices that fulfill certain niche functions.

From everything to taking better pictures to managing every aspect of your life, some of these gadgets range from inexpensive to wallet-busting acquisitions but all of them have one major thing in common: They make your life better.

Indeed, unlike the previous notions of a gadget being something disposable, maybe even trivial, are quickly displaced by how high-tech and well-designed many consumer devices today are.

After all, with inventions like the smartphone taking up a lot of the oxygen in the room, most people would be hard-pressed to name other gadgets out there that so universal in appeal and in usage.

When compiling this list of the top 6 best gadgets available on the market today, we considered prices as well as what the gadget does. That is, we wanted to give you more than a selection of smartphone accessories or fancy tablets. Trust us, some of that makes the list for sure but overall we wanted the top 6 gadgets to give you a broad overview of the kinds of devices that are out there making life better for people.

Productivity, entertainment, media production – it’s all there and more. We see these devices as not only part of a well-developed library of kit but also as some of the most essential gear you can currently buy.

6. Sony Alpha A7R III

You might be shocked to see a camera on this list but you shouldn’t be – the Alpha A7R III is being touted by industry insiders as the best mirrorless camera ever made. Those are bold words and, given Sony’s stiff competition in the optic’s industry, likely not issued out of mere vanity. When it comes to a camera you want versatility as well as power and you get that with the Sony unit. Going well beyond what most fancy smartphone cameras can do, the Sony becomes essential to the budding digital media artist or the Instagram fanatic alike. An essential workhorse for the social media era, the Sony Alpha A7R III reminds you that this Japanese electronics giant does way more than just make awesome video game consoles.

5. Apple Watch 3

It’s hard to stress just how superior the Apple watch is to most other offerings on the market. And, when paired with its older sibling the iPhone, the Apple Watch 3 is one of the most useful bits of electronics that you can add to your toolbox. A perfect companion to an Apple iPhone, the Apple Watch 3 consolidates a lot of the functionality of that device in a smaller form factor and puts a ton of stuff right at the command of your voice. Easy to use and useful, the Apple Watch 3 will turn non-believers and skeptics into Apple fans after a couple of hours of use.

4. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo might be a Trojan Horse that allows Amazon into your home – and incidentally puts their whole store at your voice command – it is also one of the most versatile and useful devices on the market. From listening to music and playing trivia games to ordering things from Amazon itself, the Echo, powered by Alexa, is a multimedia powerhouse the likes of which Apple and Google have yet to copy successfully. Whether it is the Echo’s integration with the Amazon store, its multimedia libraries, or the Alexa technology itself, Amazon seems to have mastered a space that Apple and Google are just now coming to terms with in many respects .

3. DJI Spark Drone

You might wonder what we’ve placed such a tiny drone on this list and that just shows that you have already underestimated the Spark from the world’s largest consumer drone manufacturer, the China-based DJI.

Designed for people who love drones as well as their critics, the Spark puts a ton of functionality in a small package but don’t let that fool you – this is easily one of the best devices out there, period. Showing its prowess in the drone market, the Spark is capable of doing most things that people want – and then some. Whether you’re looking for a cheap drone or just want to dabble a bit in the space before truly plunging headfirst into the deep end, the Spark from DJI is the best device to get you started on your new favorite hobby.

2. Apple iPhone X

When it comes to smartphones, few of them can even touch the Apple iPhone X. Sporting a sleek all glass front with a bright and beautiful screen, the iPhone X combines the best of Apple’s design with the top-of-the-line functionality we have come to expect from an Apple unit. And the best part of all? The huge library of apps that the iPhone X has access to as part of the Apple ecosystem. Whether paired with an Apple Watch 3 as described above or used on its own, the iPhone X truly represents that best of Apple as you can currently buy it right now.

1. Nintendo Switch

You might not think of a video game console as a gadget. Then again you probably might think it is something trapped in your living room as well. Nintendo wants to dispel both notions with the Switch, its home/portable console hybrid that brings Nintendo wherever you want to go in what has to be one of the best business ideas we’ve heard of in a long time. Long the master of the streets, Nintendo’s combination of the power found typically in home consoles with the portability you often see in units like the 3DS and smartphones has resulted in a veritable giant of the home console space that has printed money for its company ever since its debut. Featuring a library of games that combines new Nintendo classics with ports of modern classics from previous generations, the Switch is poised to straddle both generations and come out on top in the end as it offers gamers and consumers the best of both worlds.


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