6 Coolest Gadgets and Electronic Devices

Cool Gadgets and Devices In so many ways we live in an age dominated by gadgets, from electronic devices to smartphone apps that handle daily business, there’s no end to the number and variety of gadgets in today’s world. By gadget, we basically mean something that makes your life easier by simply existing. Some thoughts come to mind, like your smartphone most immediately, but others aren’t so easily conjured up by the imagination.

After all, a big part of owning a gadget is buying something to solve a problem you might not know you had but once you find a certain gadget your life is never the same again. This is the creative part of coming up with some of these devices – some of them solve problems you never knew you had.

From underwater headphones and a portable solar charger to digital binoculars and a “smart” bike helmet, this list is eclectic and innovative. There isn’t a theme other than being a cutting-edge, “cool” gadget. Without further ado, here are the 6 coolest gadgets we found on the Internet while doing research for this article.

 1. Best Digital Camera Binoculars

Digital Camera BinocularsThese digital camera binoculars from Hammacher Schlemmer are not only exclusive to the company but also capable of capturing high-resolution images that are the industry standard for such a device. Featuring a 32mm coated lens capable of 8x magnification, the Hammacher Schlemmer digital camera binoculars even allow users to read lines of text from some distance away. Not only is this impressive but it’s a little bit scary! Outside of pictures the Best Digital Camera Binoculars from Hammacher Schlemmer also captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution using an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB memory with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Combining the best of both worlds, the Best Digital Camera Binoculars are the perfect example of a device solving a problem you didn’t know you had. Though indiscreet and bulky – these aren’t spy goggles after all – the Best Digital Camera Binoculars could become an indispensable item for bird watchers and fans of wildlife photography.

 2. The Smarter Bike Helmet by Hammacher Schlemmer

The Smarter Bike Helmet Hammacher SchlemmerChalk it up to the folks over at Hammacher Schlemmer: When it comes to devising gadgets people need that they never even thought of before, the Smarter Bike Helmet might just take the crown. A bicycle helmet that not only keeps your noggin safe but also records video, receives phone calls, and plays music. The Smarter Bike Helmet does all of this magic through the use of a – you guessed it – smartphone app. Record video, take pictures, listen to music or podcasts – all from within the app. With video captured at 30 fps and stored locally, the best part about the Smarter Bike Helmet is that it doesn’t take up resources on your phone itself, using the helmet’s 16 GB storage card instead. Best of all, using the built-in Bluetooth speaker, the helmet lets you do most of these things hands-free and without ever needing to reference your phone once activated. Constructed out of a polycarbonate shell for maximum head protection, the Smarter Bike Helmet also has 19 air flow vents for added comfort. The bike helmet for people looking for something a little different (and better) than the traditional version, the Smarter Bike Helmet will change the way you look at bike riding forever.

 3. WiFi Hidden Camera Wall Charger With Night Vision

WiFi Hidden Camera Wall ChargerHome security is as much a matter of discretion as it is protection. The WiFi Hidden Camera Wall Charger With Night Vision understands this and disguises a night-vision capable camera inside of a USB charger like that you would use for your smartphone. It’s not much more complicated than that but, at a price that’s hard to beat and in a form factor that belies its purpose, the WiFi Hidden Camera Wall Charger With Night Vision is one of the best devices you can get for your money. There isn’t any local storage on it so we imagine you’ll need to handle back up yourself. But that said, you’re not going to find a camera this small at this price very easily. For the James Bond in all of us or for those who want a cheap, convenient solution to home surveillance, the WiFi Hidden Camera Wall Charger With Night Vision is an awesome little device.

 4. Underwater Headphones

Experience the magic of the underwater world with a soundtrack using Underwater Headphones, a device you didn’t know you needed but will probably find a hard time to live without once you’ve tried it. The SwiMP3 player uses bone conduction technology to deliver sound while underwater. With 2 GB of local storage, you can listen to about 500 songs in both MP3 and WMA format according to the manufacturers.

Underwater HeadphonesBest of all, your swim laps no longer have to be boring as you can tune into your favorite podcast or band and watch the hours melt away as you swim laps at your favorite pool. A truly awesome gadget, the SwiMP3 is a great example of why being alive now is so awesome.

5. Portable Solar Charger

If you’re like me, then you probably have a hard time keeping your phone fully charged without having to resort to all kinds of other gadgets to help with the task. The Portable Solar Charger answers so many questions that you never thought to ask and solves so many problems in the balance. Powered by the sun, the Portable Solar Charger works by deploying solar panels on its sides to collect energy from the sun which you then retrieve by plugging your smartphone into it like you would any other wall outlet. Really the best feature of this gadget is that it insures your devices will never be without power again – and in this world that’s a guarantee we’ll take.

Portable Solar Charger6. Nano Hex RC Drone

Drones are all the rage these days but it isn’t often that you find one that is small and affordable at the same time. Meet the Nano Hex RC Drone, a compact, tiny drone that allows you to pair it up with some of its buddies to perform aerial tricks and feats of derring-do.

Nano Hex RC DroneWhile we would be tempted to call this a toy, it is so sophisticated that it transcends mere child’s play. The perfect gift for the drone enthusiast in your life or the perfect starter for someone who wants a drone but can’t be trusted with the big (expensive) models, the Nano Hex RC Drone is an ideal product.


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