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Top SmartHome DevicesSmartphones are so indispensable to daily life that we can scarcely remember the time before they existed. From everything including ride hailing apps to online banking, smartphones allow us a greater leverage over our personal time in ways no gadget has before.

Not only do many apps make life easier but also they solve common pain points of modern life. For example, prior to Uber it was often a roll of the dice as to whether or not you would get a ride but now, with so many Uber drivers on the road, it’s not only easy, but cheap. Similarly when it comes to depositing a check into your online bank account. Or perhaps investing some of that money in your IRA. These processes would have required physical travel and interaction with people in the past but now they are all handled on a smartphone.

What if you could bring this same level of convenience to your home? Not only would life be easier but also you will find yourself again wondering how you made it before.

Smarthome technology basically utilizes apps on your smartphone or standalone technology to accomplish some task within the home, such as locking doors, programming your remote, or controlling your lighting.

In this article we’re going to give you our four top suggestions in terms of technology and devices you can use to power your smarthome. From an omnipotent control center to a specialized remote, this list has a lot of different stuff that we think holds up over time and provides a continuous convenience.

Sometimes smarthome devices can seem like fads or even seem overly specialized. We promise to focus on those products that anyone can use and love.

 1. Amazon Echo

Amazon EchoProbably one of the most well-known smarthome devices on the market, the Amazon Echo is not only a pioneer but also one of the best products on the market. Capable of controlling a range of products and accessories, the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo is a real game changer for the company and came out under the most unassuming circumstances. Order things directly from Amazon, play music, play trivia games, ask Alexa questions – the Echo does it all and it does it at price every consumer can afford. While it may not be the most useful gadget for those people who don’t like to shop at Amazon, the Echo is nonetheless an impressive piece of kit that is Amazon’s own trojan horse in your home. If any one product brings you around to the awe and wonder of smarthome products, the Amazon Echo is it.

 2.  iHome iSP6X SmartPlug

This is another cost effective way to get smarthome functionality in your home now. Basically, the iHome iSP6X SmartPlug fits into an electrical outlet and replaces its functions with an enhanced smarthome “smartplug”. A “smartplug” basically gives you smarthome style controls over whatever appliance or device is plugged in to it. Set timers, dim lights – the possibilities are really only limited by what the device plugged into the outlet can do.

SmartPlugProbably most prominently used for eco-friendly power consumption, the iHome iSP6X SmartPlug gives you control over analog devices through a digital device at a cost-effective methodology that is both adaptable to any house and thoroughly modern.

3. SkyBell HD

SkyBellThis is another simple implementation of the smarthome system that many consumers will enjoy. Basically the SkyBell HD is a doorbell of the future. Enabling video conferencing, recording of people who come to your door, and standard peep-hole style viewing options, the SkyBell HD is also cost effective for what it offers. Not purely oriented around security, the SkyBell HD also gives you the ability to control traffic at your front door. Probably most useful for those consumers that want security but also dual functionality, the SkyBell HD is a great product that fits a specific niche – and one that smarthomes will probably be well enmeshed in as we move forward in the future.

 4. SimpliSafe Home Security System

You might wonder why there are so many security elements on this list and it is because it is the most immediate and cost-effective use of smarthome technology on the market today. The SimpliSafe Home Security System is, in essence, one of the most sophisticated home security systems money can buy and best of all? It is all controlled through smarthome technology. Cameras, locks, and monitors – it’s all here in this kit.

SimpliSafeOnce the purview of the expensive home security firms, the SimpliSafe Home Security System brings all of that tech down to the consumer level and empowers individuals to protect their homes in a more robust way than ever before. Many consumers don’t consider just how damaging it can be financially or how traumatic it can be mentally for a person to undergo a home invasion. The SimpliSafe Home Security System takes out this worry and does it in style. You’re not going to find a more cutting edge security system at such a competitive price. It does everything aside from apprehend the intruders themselves – and that’s almost more than we could ask for at that!

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